Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Around the World - Detroit, MI - Brightwall

After going all over the African continent and upwards to a few more countries up north, it's time to head back to a US city once more. And as I glance at the list of major cities in the USA, Detroit jumps out to me somehow, so let's go with that. :) I don't think I've done a city in the mid-northern part of USA yet.

So let's explore Detroit and see what handmade goodness this fabulous city have to offer!

If you've been gushing at vintage luggage bags on Etsy as much as I have, you'd probably stumbled upon Brightwall before. It's such a simple concept, screenprinting graphic onto vintage clothing and items, but it works so well. The simplicity of it kept the original item's charm, and made more exciting by a modern graphic design, sometimes even enhancing the original clothing or item, maybe that's why it works. Aside from the upcycled editions, there are the classic vintage men's wear in his shop as well, unaltered in their original form if you are more the old fashion type. His shop almost mainly caters to men, which can be rare on Etsy I know. Father's day is coming soon next month, so maybe it's not too early to start planning for it.

You should check out his sister shop Brightwall Vintage as well that sells home goods and decor.


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