Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Thailand was amazing!! Although it was just a short trip and mostly a shopping trip, but it was quite enjoyable save for a few mishaps. Oh, Lady Gaga's Born This Way Tour was a pretty mind blowing experience too! I didn't take a lot of photos unfortunately because we didn't went to see the scenic views, but here are the ones I did take. :)

Saw this super cool retro looking radio in a vintage shop. LOVE this shop, but the things are so pricey omg.

I want to have another trip to Bangkok again some time in the future though. There are so many things and places that I had not visited yet, like the floating markets and the many palaces and temples. I also have not had a massage, and rode on a tuktuk yet! Or have authentic Thai tomyum, or mango sticky rice. So much to do! Perhaps a longer trip next time? Yeah, that sounds good. :)


Lilly's Papillon said...

Oh it looks like you had a great time! the pix look really nice and how lucky to see lady gaga! unfortunately thailand is too far from here :(

Alex Kam said...

Hello Lilly! Haha, the trip WAS revolving around the Lady Gaga concert. She doesn't come to Malaysia (I don't think she is allowed to anyway) so it was just a short trip. :) You'll get to come one day, and remember to travel light and bring an empty luggage, everything in Thailand is so cheap!!

Lilly's Papillon said...

One day hopefully very soon will be visiting!Thailand and Malaysia are on my list! :) oh and m sure for the time being Gaga wont be coming to Greece anytime soon! :))

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