Thursday, May 24, 2012

Going to Thailand!

Thai Temple Sunset Photograph - erintrees

I'm flying to Bangkok, Thailand in 5 hours time to see Lady Gaga's Born This Way tour tomorrow night! Soooooo excited!! I'm soooo excited to go to Bangkok too because I've never been there although they are a neighboring country, haha. I'll take lots of photos and share with you all when I come back on Sunday! First time backpacking it too, I'm only carrying a backpack and a sling bag. Hopefully I don't shop too much now. Haha!


Roxanne Dsouza said...

Safe journey and have fun!!
Coincidentally I'm going to Hong Kong tonite and then to Thailand (Bangkok) after 4 days! And about not shopping, Good luck!
I'm actually travelling very light so that I CAN shop!

Alex Kam said...

Hello Roxanne! I actually travel very light too, I only brought two t-shirts with me on the trip, and the rest I bought from there. :) But came back with two full bags of new clothes and shoes anyway haha.

Enjoy your trip!!

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