Saturday, May 12, 2012

Around the World - Detroit, MI - Cyberoptix Tie Lab

More Etsy shops for men in Detroit? Why yes! With a title like Cyberoptix Tie Lab, it is obvious enough what they sell in their fairly huge shop. Tired of the regular ole pinstripe or plain colored ties? Or scared of the ties with horrid prints? You should definitely check this shop out for gorgeous hand printed ties. They have a huuuge assortment of graphics, from mustache to black widows, and brainwaves to kitten with lasers shooting out of it's eyes. Suitable for all types of men from the fashionable to the geeks. They also offer other hand printed men's accessories such as bow ties and scarves, as well as ties for little men. (aka kids) Like I mentioned in my previous post, father's day is coming soon!


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