Monday, May 14, 2012

The First Challenge

So, the first official weekday without a day job, and this is what I did!

8.30am - Wake up, feed the cat and eat breakfast.

9.30am - Getting ready to start work. Got comfortable in front of my laptop and turns it on, only to found that my mouse is refusing to start properly. So decided to restart the machine, just in case... you know, that fixes it!

9.45am - Laptop refuses to load Windows, stuck at bios screen for the last 15 minutes.

9.46am - Cue panic/freaking out!!!

9.50am - Laptop managed to load Windows after the umpteenth time of force restart. But found out soon enough that all my USB ports are malfunctioning. This means something is wrong with the motherboard. (that is what my friends told me anyway)

10.00am - Begins to check online stuff, sales, emails, Facebook games. (haha) Decided that I should settle my PC problems ASAP today.

11.00am - Drove out to the nearest service center.

11.20am - Reached service center, to found out that they no longer service ASUS products. The kind man behind the counter told me that I need to go to the biggest digital mall in the heart of Kuala Lumpur (which is about 1 hour drive from home, factoring in traffic) for the next nearest service center. I have no choice, so I left to drive into the city.

12.20pm - Reached the mall, found the service center and got a queue number. Decided to walk around and check out computer prices while I'm there, and there was a long queue at the service center.

1.10pm - Handed my laptop over to the guy behind the counter, he agrees that it sounds like a motherboard problem, but cannot give me a quote (not even an estimation) for the repairs. I'll have to wait for their emails for the repair quote. Estimate will take 1-2 weeks before I can get my laptop back.

Now... my laptop is my only computer, without it, it will be very extremely inconvenient for me to run my online biz. So at this moment, I am seriously considering getting a new desktop in the mall, since I'm already there anyway and I seldom get to go there. I have been considering it for the past 2 months as well because my laptop is already over 3 years old. So here begins my journey on finding the right desktop!

2.30pm - After inquiring prices, specs and opinions in over 5 shops, I finally found one that I like. I like the sales guy too because he showed appreciation to my trusty laptop. :) I'll have to wait for 1.5 hours for them to put it together though, so I paid the deposit and decided to go hunt for food.

2.50pm - Reached a fairly well known food court a few blocks away on foot, and had delicious pork ribs curry noodles.

3.30pm - Finished my meal and decided to venture into the Isetan market just next to the food court, they have a large variety of interesting import goods. Brought parmesan cheese and some dark chocolate bars, yumyum!

4.00pm - Time to head back!

4.20pm - Got back to the mall, collected my new computer but realized that I have lost my parking ticket, oh no!! I ended up paying a fine for it. (5x times the price of the parking!!)

6.00pm - Reached home and I'm all beat, but am excited about putting my shiny new computer together and started clearing up space for it.

7.00pm - Am finally done setting the PC up! Phew~ that was tiring. Spent a little bit more time checking online stuff.

7.20pm - Refreshing shower and dinner!

9.00pm - Drives off to friend's house to pick up the bubble mailers that we ordered and just arrived.

10.00pm - Reached home and started to relax, make tea and type this post.

What a heck of a way to start my journey!!