Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One & Half Weeks

Finally I managed to take and edit photos for 13 whopping items (about one and half week's worth) during the weekend. I can tell you it took longer than I thought. Never again! Good thing the weather was agreeable though. But note to self, take photos earlier in the day when the sun is brighter!

Omg I'm addicted to making these beaded necklaces, they just look so sweet and interesting!

Title : My Fair Lady
Price : USD22.00

Title : Caribbean Blue
Price : USD22.00

I just might make more this week! The following necklace is the longer variety (24 inches) and just an experiment. :)

Title : Golden Dreams
Price : USD22.00

Title : Pastels Primary
Price : USD21.00

Pastel version of the Primary Colors bracelet!

Title : Caribbean Waters
Price : USD21.00

Title : The Golden Era
Price : USD22.00

Bracelet version of the Golden Era necklace. You can get a 10% discount if you buy the bracelet and necklace together as a set :)

Title : Autumn Flowers
Price : USD23.00

Title : Indian Dancer
Price : USD21.00

Bracelet version of the Indian Dancer earrings I made a good long while ago. I just figured I should make a few sets in the shop for people to be able to match with.

Title : Sweet and Sassy
Price : USD22.00

Custom made bracelet for a friend's aunt's birthday :) It was a lot of fun matching these colors!

And now, cheesy name alert!!

Title : Eye of the Tiger
Price : USD17.00

Title : First Love
Price : USD17.00

One of my friends commented that this reminds them of Sailormoon!! And now that she mentioned it, it does! o_o

Title : Deep Sea Bubbles
Price : USD25.00

Title : Enchanted
Price : USD21.00

Title : Rosette
Price : USD20.00

The grapefruit colored chalcedony drops are just adorable! That's all this week, and that also marks all the pieces I did in July. If you're interested to see what I made in July, you can head on over to my Facebook fanpage and look into the photos for this album. It has all the photos of the items I made in the month of July.

Why the monthly folders you ask? It shall be revealed soon enough. :)


Jill said...

i know exactly how you feel, i have been trying to take picks and upload some items and it is not fun work... keep it up though. It looks great!!

artangel said...

These are beautiful, my favourite I think is "The Golden Era" - looks like sooo much work!

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