Monday, August 23, 2010

Missed One Week

Last week was soooo busy I didn't had much time to craft at all. :( So no, there wouldn't be 7 items this week. My first time missing a week aaagh!! Never fear, I shall make it up this week oh yes!

However, I did made two custom ordered bracelets for a bride-to-be and her mom as well. :)

Title : White

Title : Black

Together, they are Black and White! I am so creative with names I know ;) She loves them which I am ecstatic about, shall pack them and mail them out tomorrow.

And since I have so few to photograph in the weekend, I decided to reshoot some of my old bracelets too when the listing expired. Tried something different by using scrapbook paper, what do you think? They are the Olive Tree and the Strawberry Shortcake bracelets, you can see their old photos on their own individual listings.


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