Monday, August 16, 2010

The Week of Necklaces That Never Happen

I really wanted to... I wanted to spend the whole week working on necklaces. But alas, I did not notice that I ran out of necklace toggles! So I only managed to make four necklaces. It doesn't seem right stealing the cluster bracelet's toggles, because they are bigger and not so... feminine. I guess it's about time to restock my supplies, especially with the holiday rush coming up...

So here are the four necklaces and three pair of earrings :)

Title : Blackberry
Price : USD22.00

Title : New Shrub
Price : USD22.00

Title : Gaze Into The Night
Price : USD22.00

Title : Passion
Price : USD22.00

Title : Ivory Dreams
Price : USD15.00

Title : Pink Hydrangea
Price : USD18.00

Title : Hydrangea
Price : USD18.00

Continuing the Flowers Of The World earrings series, here are the hydrangeas :) I'm particularly fond of this design, and plan to do a few more in other colors. A white one would be nice don't you think? Would make a pretty earring for weddings too :D


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