Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Tunes - Blood Theme

**Warning!! This post contain spoilers of Dexter**

I just finished watching Dexter Season 4, I would've watched it sooner if my friend didn't conveniently forgot to give me the last two episodes. So I had to put Dexter aside and watch House Season 6 first. The plot twist at the finale... is pure genius, yet extremely depressing at the same time. Rita's death was totally unexpected, I think it gave a lot of fans a huge shock. Sure she is kinda annoying at times, but she is the core character that is shaping the humane side of Dexter. Which I love to see.

Dexter seems really messed up from the Season 5 trailer, and I feel extremely sad for him. :( And somehow... I look forward to see Quinn get chopped up... lol.

The series has a lot of great music, even the cuban music are nice as well. And this, may be my favorite among all of them - Blood Theme, the ending theme for the Dexter series. It is just so hauntingly beautiful. Daniel Licht is very talented! Daniel Licht had taken up the job of composing for future Silent Hill games after Akira Yamaoka left, he is brilliant for sure, but I'm not sure he is good enough to match Akira. I guess we shall see... Enjoy the song! :)


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