Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh & Ah!

Ooooh~ Aaaah!! What are these cute and whimsical items?

Introducing Oh&Ah, a group of creative team in Malaysia that made all these amazing items!

I had been meaning to pimp out some of the local craft creative people in a while, and I got to admit that Oh&Ah are among some of my favorite. :) Whenever I visit their booths I would feel the urge to get something! And usually I did hahaha! Really love the bird doily clock below by the way.

Oh&Ah consists of five creatively funky designers, two of which were my college lecturers back in the days. :) And I know at least one of them is my senior. They started back in 2007, that means they had been around for much longer than little ole me.

Random tidbit, Oh&Ah actually means OrangHutan & ArangHitam. Which in our native tongue, means 'Forest people & Black coal'. :D

They create a large range of items, ranging from jewelry pieces to toys, apparels and home decor. But there is a certain charm and playfulness to their pieces, which made them very unique and one of a kind.

Their main inspiration was the Zakka and indie art scene that was widespread in Japan, UK and Southeast Asia region. They strive to add a little playfulness into our mundane and ordinary lifestyle, by adding spices to our home, lifestyle and appearances.

Unfortunately I don't think they do business online, although I may be wrong. You could drop by their website and inquire if you wish.

I do so love their style and designs, I have one home decor item from them, Mr Pickles that I have pictures of in this post. He is still sitting merrily on my desk looking smug. :D I look forward to visit them again during a crafts fair so I could get something from them again!

Remember to check out their blog too if you're interested to see more of their products!


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