Sunday, August 29, 2010

Project X - Pretty Papers!

I have a newfound addiction - Scrapbook papers. I just can't stop looking and touching them! The pretty colors, the patterns, the texture! Soooooo amazing.

Unfortunately they are crazy expensive locally, so I went to find cheaper alternatives online instead.

So after finding the right seller, I made a huge purchase to save on shipping, and although I practically splurged I did not regret it.

Nearly every single sheet was worth the money! Just soooo pretty!

What am I gonna do with the papers you ask? Well... I'm just going to refer to it as 'Project X' for now hehehe. Keep an eye on this space for more updates in the near future. :)


Salameander said...


Okay. Don't tell us where you got those papers from, cuz it's definitely gonna leave a hole in my pocket. BIG hole.

Alex Kam said...

Hahaha Michelle! Okay, I won't tell where I got them from. But I'm probably going to sell some I don't need at AFG :)

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