Sunday, September 12, 2010

Arts for Grabs Sept 2010

I never really thought of trying in local craft fairs, simply because I'm not sure if my products are suitable for the local market. But since joining Team Etsy Malaysia and mingling with them, my mind had been slowly changed. Like me, some of the people on the team were skeptical about selling locally as well. However, if we never try, we'll never know right? Besides, it is a good time to gain some experience and exposure through craft fairs. So when Huey of Nottypooch brought up Arts for Grabs Sept 2010, I decided to take the leap of faith and jump in with both feet.

Hey, even if I don't earn much from this, it might be fun to finally be meeting everyone from the team! :D

So Skyejuice will be in the Arts for Grabs September 2010 crafts fair next weekend in the Annexe Gallery!

I will be selling mainly earrings and probably bringing a few pearl cluster bracelets with me. Since there are 7 of us sharing 3 booth spaces, I just thought it would be a better idea to keep things simple. The 7 of us are...

1. Skyejuice (that's me)

Our 3 booths will be neighbors to two other team members as well - nukilan, rekhss and their collaboration project funkytiles.

So in preparation for the craft fair, I had taken the 3-day weekend to hermit at home and pump out as many earrings as I can. And the results are... 40 whopping pairs!! O_O

Admittedly, some of them are rather simple, just wire-wrapping briolettes. But still, I'm so proud of myself! Here are photos of a few that I really like, and bothered enough to take nice photos of lol! (srsly, you expect me to take breathtaking photos of 40 f*cking pair of earrings?!) I'll take the proper photos for them later if I didn't end up selling them. :)

I love love love these periwinkle blue teardrop chalcedony briolettes! They are just so pretty! >u<

The grapefruit pink ones ain't too bad too. :)

Soft apple green chalcedony heart-shaped briolettes.

Blue ones! (yes I have a lot of colors!)

Another blue one!

Trying to range out a little, here is a simple pair of butterfly earrings.

A rough overall look of most of the earrings I made. I made quite a few of the same design, but just with different colors. Some of them may look similar, but not one pair are the same because the ones with similar designs are made with real gemstones, and every piece is different :)

More overall view. Even the blue bells with leaves differ slightly in color :D

More of the chalcedonies. I love these stones, can you tell? XD

Aside from jewelry, I will also be having Project X's debut sales in Arts for Grabs. And what exactly is Project X? Well it will be announced in the next couple days, so watch out for this space!

Meanwhile, I will also be destashing some of my scrapbook papers that I couldn't use to make pillow boxes. Most of them are too thick and have glitter on them. (somehow this combo just makes glue difficult to stick) So I will be selling them off during Arts for Grabs. Here are a few previews for you to see. :)

First come first serve!! A lot of these beauties have only 1 piece, and once it is gone, it is gone. So if you want some of the patterns shown here, be there early or be square! ;D


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I love your earrings. Too bad I can't be there to purchase your earrings. Good luck with your sales!

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