Saturday, September 4, 2010

Project X - Usage of Pretty Papers

The pretty scrapbook papers/cardstocks I posted last week? It was actually used for this. :)

Packaging for my jewelry, the pearl cluster bracelets particularly, and some earrings as well. (although not all) Don't they look so pretty and all ready to be gifted for someone special or placed under a Christmas tree? ♥

Yes these boxes are painstakingly handmade by your's truly! It just feels so satisfying to see the pillow box puffed and tied up, ready for shipment. :D The pretty end result is one of my main motivators to keep making these pillow boxes.

When I was making the pillow boxes though, I realized that I made all these little strips that I would totally dump into the rubbish bin if they were normal, boring papers.

But they are not, and it seems like a waste to just throw them away. So I decided, heck, why not try to do something about them! And that is how I got the idea to start Project X.

In which I will disclose in a future update. :)

By the way, that red splatter mark on the upper left corner in the last picture, I swear they are not blood lol! The cutting mat had been with me for at least 7 years and that stain was acrylic or some such, permanently there. Don't worry, there aren't any blood shed happened on my beloved mat before. :)


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