Monday, September 27, 2010

Point and shoot vs DSLR

One of my colleagues graciously borrowed me her precious Nikon D60 DSLR, and I get to play with it a little over the weekend. :) Owning a DSLR had always been one of my long time dreams, but I just weren't sure how important it is for me, so I decided having a test run is the best way to make up my mind.

Unfortunately though, her D60 only had the basic 18-55mm lens that came with the camera, which makes macro shots impossible. I couldn't shoot anything smaller than the bracelets, so the 30 something pairs of earrings were still done with my Olympus point and shoot. (how sad that a point and shoot beat a DSLR in this case)

Anyways, enough talk, and let's see how did the experiment went. In the pictures below, the one on the left is taken by my Olympus MJU 820, the one on the right is the Nikon D60.

They aren't the same bracelets, but their colors are close enough. The darkest purple pearls on the left is the same color as the darkest purple (smaller) pearls on the left. I'm soooooo happy that finally I can get a more accurate color of the purple! My Olympus always made it look so much darker. :(

These are different bracelets as well, but they basically use mostly the same colored pearls, and the newer one has flowers. :) Notice how the shadow looks warmer and makes the overall photo more dreamy?

These are diff bracelets as well. XD The one on the left is one of my favorite photos too, but look how gorgeous the Nikon's photo is! The blur at the further distance is beautiful, and totally not edited in Photoshop. The foreshortening is just great!

Conclusion? I'm definitely getting a DSLR now. But perhaps not a Nikon, thinking a Canon EOS 550D actually, as the Canon macro lens is much cheaper than Nikon ones. Yosh! That shall be my goal for next year! I shall start saving up, and hopefully Christmas sales would earn me enough to get one. Lol!


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