Monday, September 13, 2010

The Revealing of Project X

In our last post concerning Project X, I mentioned that the project was mainly to upcycle the scrapbook paper scraps. And this is what it was used for. :)

Collage alphabet cards! They are ACEO size (What is ACEO? Click the link to find out) and are quite fun to make too :D

They are fun to put together to form words as well. Look at how colorful they are!

This photo looks very trippy, as if the C was cut out and not pasted on. @_@

The different colors, thickness and textures of the cards make them very colorful and unique. Some has textures, some has glitter and some are foiled. There is just so much detail in every letter.

Potential uses for the alphabet cards, lol.

To be honest, I am still not quite sure if there is a market for these kind of little alphabet cards. But hey, you gotta give me credit for trying right? If I ever start another Etsy shop selling the alphabet cards, I'm probably going to make a few more designs and shapes (animal/food shapes anyone?) as well. And maybe sell some other paper products as well like decorative note cards and such.

By the way, the cards will be making their debut sales in Arts for Grabs this weekend, do come by and check it out if you are local. :)

So what do you think? Some feedback would be most welcomed!


Huey said...

Ooo I love that! Pretty!

Salameander said...

Aaaw, these are so desirable! How many have you made, and would you take custom orders? Toying with the idea of using them to print the kids' names on their bedroom door, if they're small enough.

Alex Kam said...

I only made roughly 15 cards so far, including the ones pictured. And yes, I do custom order! :3 if you want me to arrange all the letters in one card (of course I need to make new letters) I can do that too!

Pea said...

they are very pretty. must be alot of work putting them together ohoho.. try ANIMALS !!

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