Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mmm Hot Chocolate

If I told you I never had real hot chocolate made the traditional way, would you believe me? It's true though. Malaysia is a tropical country, so we have tropical climate. (summer all year round) So hot drinks are always less preferred here unless it's a cold, rainy day.

Plus, we also have the extremely widely sold, almost staple chocolate malt drink Milo, which is practically everywhere. So hot chocolate is frequently missed or forgotten. That's why it's difficult to find good hot chocolate here. The Cadbury Hot Chocolate 3 in 1 packets is the closest I can get unfortunately. So when I saw this giveaway, I was totally all over it!!

Gourmet hot chocolate from Teton Cocoa Company. What heavenly delight is this?! I went to look at their Etsy shop and was immediately gushing all over! Hazelnut hot chocolate! Toffee hot chocolate!! Caramel hot chocolate!! Gosh I want to try them all!!

I love love love the hazelnut hot chocolate from Pasta Zanmai, so I'm quite intent on winning this one. Mwahahah!! Another reason why I want to win? Because shipping is a total killer from US to Malaysia for these. :(

So head on over to This Crazy Life blog and enter if you're interested, you just need to pick the flavors you want to try! I picked original, hazelnut, toffee and french vanilla. Although amaretto sounds mighty tempting now too.


Melody said...

Those look delicious! I love hot chocolate, or anything chocolate, really ;)

Alex Kam said...

Me too, now I want some chocolate cake yum!

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