Saturday, October 9, 2010

Other October Giveaways

I'm in a giveaway frenzy! Since starting my own giveaway on my blog, I started frequenting the Etsy Giveaways blog scouting for interesting giveaways to enter. Here are some of the few that you should definitely check out. Of course, they are all international ones because I could only enter those lol.

NinĂ¹ Small Bag Pouch giveaway. This one caught my eye because the photos are just gorgeous! They look like they were taken straight out from a fashion magazine. :) You should go to the link and check out their shop as well, just simply beautiful. Giveaway ends on October 12th, so quickly head on over and enter if you want to win!

Art Tales / Leftz $20 Gift Card giveaway. I've been wanting to get one of the fish plushies from Art Tales in a long while, but you know, there's always the financial problem lol. So when I found this giveaway I hopped on over in a heart beat! :D And the reason why I want a fish plushie? So I could fish slap people with it! XD Plus her plushies are very eco-friendly, they are stuffed with plastic bags instead of cotton, which in some way, makes it even more awesome to fish slap people with! Giveaway ends on October 30th.

Raceytay's Personalized 2011 Desk Calendar giveaway. I'm absolutely in LOVE with Raceytay's photos! I first found her when I was looking for a photo for my August's goals post. So when I found out about this giveaway, where I get to choose 12 photos from her shop, I joined in a heart beat! Oh my I hope I win this one, I'm going to go stare at her photos some more after I finish typing this post lol. Giveaway ends on October 17th.

Now, on to the handmade soap/bath/beauty giveaways. Yes I recently got into handmade soap and entered every giveaway available lol!

Beautiful Soaps Sample Pack (3 winners) giveaway. Each of the sample packs include 1 bar of soap of choice, 1 natural lip balm, 1 tube of pearly white teeth, (kind of like toothpaste, only in soap form! o.O) and 1/2 lb of laundry soap. If you want to try out handmade bath and beauty products, this is the giveaway to join! :D Plus there are 3 winners, never hurt to try right? This giveaway ends on October 10th, which is today!! Quick! Go and enter now!

Springvale Soaps Giveaway. I haven't had the chance to try goat's milk soap yet, so this is a good chance for me to do so. :) This seller makes her soap the traditional cold-processed way, which takes very long. Head on over to the link to read more! Giveaway ends on October 18th.

Spa Goddess $30 Gift Voucher giveaway. Another great chance to try out different types of bath and beauty products. :) Spa Goddess provides a large variety of products, such as facial care products, bath salts, body butters, organic perfume and of course, organic soap bars. And her packaging is gorgeous too! Giveaway ends on October 15th.

Aaaaand that's all for now! Well that was fun. :) Perhaps I should do this more frequently, introducing various giveaways to my readers, for a chance to win different things too. But of course, don't forget about my own October giveaway which is still on-going here. ;)


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