Thursday, January 27, 2011

Around The World - China

Going up north from India, our last Around the World feature, is the People's Republic of China. The second largest country in the world, and probably the country with the biggest population of over 1 billion, China is practically exploding with talent! In this modern day, probably 95% of the products found in the market are Made in China, fortunately or unfortunately. I don't think there are a single household in this world that doesn't have anything in their house with the "Made in China" label on it.

Although there are some items that are handmade, and not mass produced with underpaid labor. They are difficult to find, but they are out there. :) So here are the ones I found! I included one extra feature because I can't take out any one of them!

If you're into cute dresses and coats like me, you would definitely love Xiaqq's stuff! Well designed and with interesting silhouettes, some of her dresses could even look a little disco or retro. ;) I loooove the cute navy blue dress on the lower right corner! Too bad her shop looks like it is on vacation now.

There are truly a lot of very talented fashion designers in China! Coming up next is Ella Lai. Her designs are not so cute, but very modern and edgey. :) They decidedly looks more sexy with a tone of masculinity for the daring fashionista. As much as I love cute dresses, I appreciate nice pants too and those asymmetrical grey pants just looks amazing. Do want!!

Having just opened his/her shop in August, isewulove only had one sale so far, which was just such a waste because their iPad sleeves are just so creative! Made with recycled clothings, the designs are just so clever. Do you prefer the shirt or the pants? Personally, I prefer the pants. ;)

Hailed from Beijing, China, but having studied design in Germany, yourspeking makes some very well designed and well constructed felt bags. You like a certain design but not crazy about the color? Not to worry, you can customize it and selecting whichever color you prefer, they have a few choices. :)

Moonbow111 has some very beautiful and intricately designed porcelain and ceramic jewelries and housewares. I am particularly fond of the hand carved hollowed out bird pendant, but the heart is pretty darn cute as well. She's pretty new to Etsy too, having only started her shop in October, so here's to many sales in the future for her :)

If you are interested, Vintage Cloisonne explains why the modern day cloisonnes are not the same as vintage ones. And in return, they sell all these beautiful and intricately designed vintage cloisonne home decors. If you are interested in collecting some cloisonne figures, you should definitely check them out.

Our last feature of the day is also a vintage seller, The Big 8s, who sells a good range of vintage products from China, ranging from teapots and teacups to retro looking clocks and old leather bags. They definitely brings back good memories of the old Chinese TV shows that I used to watch so often on TV, practically grow up with them. :) Nowadays it is no longer the same. :(

Although I am a Chinese myself, (in fact, my grandfather hails from Shanghai) I do not feel the immediate need to go to China. Perhaps it was all the bad press they get, or perhaps it is their culture. Despite that, I wish to walk on the Great Wall someday. :)


marleigh said...

Hello I am looking for a blue coat designed by Imoda by Xiaqq. Can you tell me anything about this designer and where I could look for the coat? Thank you.

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