Saturday, January 22, 2011

KLPac Open Day

I will be selling at KLPac Open Day tomorrow with a few members from the Etsy Malaysia Team! :D Had been busy working on some new things for the festival the last few days, and check them out!

Heart pendants! An experiment with Phing's trinkets. :) This is the only 6 I have, let's see how well they will fare at the festival.

Round pendants, some with hand drawn artworks and some don't. All done with acid free scrapbook paper and antique brass findings. All pendant necklaces are available in various lengths.

So drop by KLPac tomorrow and check it out! There is a looooong list of activities and performances lined up, and crowd are promised to be crazy, in which I hope it will be. ;) You can check out the schedule and details for tomorrow on their webpage.

Now I just need to make sure I don't get lost on my way there, eek!


Pea said...

this was what u meant by 9-6pm. i didnt see this NEWS. would have wanted to go check out what art on sale. Hope sales was good. as the weather was BLAZING.

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