Friday, January 21, 2011

Around The World - India

Traveling along the same continent, skipping Cambodia and Myanmar (because I can't find any Etsy sellers from those countries, how sad!) I arrive in India, one of the lands with the most beautiful people and the richest of cultures. Although I am not too fond of Indian food, I would like to go India one day to visit Taj Mahal and go shopping!

But for now I will settle with online (window) shopping. :)

Vintage letterpress alphabet blocks are quite popular nowadays, and there is a certain charm in seeing them lined up together nicely. This couldn't be more true for Vintage Marvels as they already have more than 100 sales within 2 months of shop opening! I particularly like the Live, Laugh, Love blocks on the lower left above. :)

I absolutely looove the vibrancy of Paintings by Nazia. The geometrical patterns, intermingle with the vibrant color use, it is just pure genius! I love how she used the Indian ladies as her painting subjects too, so full of culture and just beautiful.

The Home Centric designs some very beautiful pillow covers. I love how she used different materials to create interesting textures, from beautiful ruffles, to buttons creating intricate lines, to the shininess of sequins that blings! Not only that, she has a super wide range of colors as well! So you will be able to find the perfect pillow cover for your house. :) Pillows not included. ;)

Getting sick of gemstone and beading jewelry? Want to look for more eco-friendly jewelry? Hippie Kingdom is where you should look. :) Created using materials such as paper, clay, hemp and thread, her jewelry is very different from a lot of sellers on Etsy. I mean, she has rainbow earrings!! I also love the Valentines earring with the red hoop and silver foil ball in the middle, looks like the ball is delicately balance on the hoop.

And what would an India-centric feature be without their beautiful bangles? Exotic Bangles sells a rather large variety of the ever famous multi-bangles that you so often see the ladies wear in Bollywood movies. These are essential to any Indian get-up, the bright colors and intricate designs will brighten up any outfit. :)

Last but not least, how can I not feature a gemstone supply shop in an India-centric feature? A lot of beautiful gemstones come from India, and if I were to visit that country, one of the reasons would be to buy gemstones hehe. Out of the many gemstone supply shops on Etsy, GemtoneBeads is one of my favorite. They have a super large variety of gemstones and quite a reasonable price as well. I made a recent purchase lately and am absolutely satisfied! And I will blog about that in the near future. ;)

Now I just need to save up and go India to splurge on gemstones, hehe.


Polina said...

Wonderful post! Thank you so much for fulfilling this great idea and sharing it!

I absolutely love Paintings by Nazia! They reminded me of stained-glass windows. Very beautiful!

Alex Kam said...

Hello Polina, so nice of your to drop by. :) Had you receive the bracelet yet?

Yes exactly, it looks like stained-glass window! And the colors are just beautiful

Polina said...

Yes, I received the package several days ago. (we had some big snowstorms here that's why the delivery took it longer than usual)

The bracelet is amazing! fitted perfectly and the packaging was so cute. I wore it the same day :) and I was so excited to get this sparkling beauty from Malaysia (shows once again how diverse Etsy is :)

Thank you so much!

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