Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Around The World - Thailand

In this week's Around The World entry, we travel up north to Thailand from Malaysia, formerly known as Siam. Although there were a lot of turmoil in the country last year, but it still doesn't detract from the organic, exotic and beautiful culture that it holds, and the talent that shines through. :)

A Little Dot is a little jewelry shop that sells some uniquely designed jewelry in geometry. Less is more right? I just love how she used simple lines and shapes to form such intricately designed pieces.

Thailand also have some of the best leather workers. I absolutely love the stitchings on these leather bags and wallets from The Leather TH. Do you know that my wallet brought from Etsy was also made by a Thai seller? ;) Although it is not made of leather haha. A friend of mine do have a leather messenger bag made by a Thai Etsy seller, although the shop name slips my mind at the moment... fantastic handiwork though!

Anyways, moving on!

Labyrinth Vintage makes some of the most unique charm jewelry that I have ever seen, some are even bizarre! I am absolutely in love with Caribou/Reindeer bracelet cuff above, truly beautiful! And not too expensive too. :)

If you love vintage clothing with a modern look, you are going to love And What Else is There. They have pretty amazing range of high waist pants and some pretty retro looking clothes. Plus, the photos and models are just amazing! I mean, just look at them!

These bag designs from However are nothing short from chic and modern. :) The simplistic and even sometimes flexible designs, you can wear them in up to 3 different ways. My personal favorite is the Candy bag (top left) but with the candy stripe colors. (top right) Although I think the design for the S coin pocket design is pretty awesome too.

Another really talented bunch of clothes makers are the After Shower Shop. They are a family team consisting of 4 people and they create really beautiful flowing clothing. I love their harem pants which really reminds me of the exotic culture of Thailand, and their lovely flowing dresses~

I really should go to Thailand someday. I mean, it is a neighboring country to Malaysia after all. Maybe one day... when I feel richer. ;)


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