Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Month of January

January's birth stone : Garnet

First post of 2011! And I will be discussing about goals of course. But before that... is it me or is the time passing faster as we get older?

Anyways, December in overall wasn't a very good month for business, I wonder if my shipping deadline had anything to do with it. (probably did, but eh...) Here are the goals that I had set for December.

1. Get to 110 sales.
2. Get to 450 shop hearts.
3. Fill the shop to 185 items.

In which I achieved...

1. 100 sales. (at least I hit 100!)
2. 401 shop hearts. (I always seem to fall short on this)
3. 175 items. (I do have a few I haven't upload)

In conclusion, I failed all of them lol! But it couldn't be helped, as my activity in the Etsy shop was almost close to nil as I was busy with something else.

Now I know that January will probably be a slow month, what with the shopping season already passed and all, so here are my goals for January.

1. Get to 105 sales.
2. Get to 450 shop hearts.
3. Fill the shop to 200 items.

Not expecting a lot in terms of sales, but putting more faith in productivity. :) Hopefully I will be able to fill the shop up with more new stuff! Not to mention I'm going to start the revamp for it very soon. So here's to hoping that everything will go as planned. Here's a picture as motivation!!



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