Friday, January 7, 2011

Inspirational Friday - Tea Time

I had decided to shift the weekly series about, so from now on Weekly Word Picks will be on Monday, Around the World will be on Wednesday, and Inspirational Thursday will change into Inspirational Friday instead. Space myself a bit so that I won't suffocate. ;)

I am an avid lover of all types of tea, but I especially love English and milk tea. And to my surprise, there are a lot of interesting designs for tea infusers and tea bags out there!

Now not only in your bath, you can enjoy your duckie in your tea too! :D

These tea-shirts are just too cute!

This tea infuser is just genius! Granted you will only see the effect if you drink red tea and you need a glass or transparent tea cup. Reminds me of Jaws! *cues suspense music*

These are so pretty! I can only imagine the bird unfolding itself in the water.

These are just genius! I want Charlie Chaplin in my tea please!


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