Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Around The World - Chicago

This week let's do Chicago for our 3rd major city in US. :) Why you ask? I happen to stumble upon the List of United State Cities by population on wikipedia, and Chicago was 3rd on the list, lol. Admittedly, if I am going according to that list, I should do Los Angeles next, but eh... I did San Francisco last week and I don't feel like doing two cities in the same state again so soon.

Speaking of Chicago, tall skyscrapers and beautiful night views come into mind. I actually did an artwork with Chicago's night view in the background without really realizing it was a photo of Chicago I'm referencing, lol. So... what kind of crafters can I find in such a modern city? :)

In a modern big city such as Chicago, you will need modern and unique accessories. And Heron Adornment is your best place to go. Her subjects however, are a bit of an oddity and not for the faint of heart. ;) Tentacle rings, anatomically correct heart pendants, and even worm rings! But I must admit though, I admire the intricacy of her handiwork, especially the tentacle rings, just beautiful. So if you are looking for a statement jewelry piece that is a great conversation starter, look no further!

If oddities are not your taste, perhaps this would be an interesting choice? Jane E Roberti makes some very intricate and interesting mixed media jewelry pieces. Inspired by nature, her hand sawn and pierced silhouette pieces are made interesting layered with wood and other material. I commend their handiwork, must be a lot of work carving those intricate designs! I love that Grasses pendant.

Aside from the muted tones of metal and wood, there are some more colorful creations from crafters in Chicago too, and Urban Legend is one of them! I love her shop's tagline - Please don't eat the jewelry, which is a fair warning because all her jewelry pieces look like candy strung together! I just love looking at her pieces, so fun and colorful, and you know I like color. :)

I had been admiring Mojospastyle's shop for a while now, they just have such lovely and girly charm to their photos. (such gorgeous ladies!) Their knitted and crocheted accessories also look really pretty and eye catching, especially those flower hats, I just adore them! Too bad Malaysia's weather would be too icky for them. :(

Ever since I joined Etsy, I started to realize how popular silhouette pieces are, and Silhouette Blue was one of the very first shops I encountered. There is a certain charm to her simple yet attractive stationery pieces, I especially love the 4-ever card with the initials carved into the tree, I imagine that to be a very lovely and cute wedding invitation.

Had you ever seen bags made from seatbelts?? Of everything that can be upcycled, I never imagine seatbelt could be used! A la mode makes a slew of interesting and upcycled products, including but not limited to seatbelt bags, hardware rings and also iPad and netbook sleeves made from neoprene. (used to make diving suits) Ah the unlimited possibilities of repurposed materials.


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