Thursday, March 24, 2011

Around the World - London

It is only coincidental that the UK leg of our Around the World series landed on Euro week on Etsy. :) Such a coincidence! This week we will be visiting one of the most important cities in the world, and it is London.

The rich history, the beautiful architecture and the gorgeous views, oh how I wish to visit it one day! It is definitely one of my top 10 locations to visit. :)

First off is Flutterbydaisy! There is a certain grudgy innocence to her work that I love, like goth punk princesses. Fairy tale (especially Alice in Wonderland) inspired costumes and dresses are so overdone nowadays, but she gave it a little twist and made it fresh again. Her dresses are playful and exquisite, albeit a little pricey. But it is well worth the money I would imagine. Just look at those details!

Remember those fancy hats and hair accessories that women wore in the Victorian era? Makes me wish I was born in that era. Designs by Annalisa sells gorgeous and elaborate head pieces reminiscence of the Victorian times, just with a modern twist. :) That giant bow is definitely a statement piece, and I love that little silk pillbox hat!

I had been admiring MaaPstudio's shop from afar for a while, such a dreamy, beautiful and unique shop, you won't find anything like it! I love her flower rings, which had always been a signature line of jewelry in her shop, and I find the braille line to be particularly meaningful. :)

SarahBirtJewellery on the other hand, makes whimsical and cute silver jewelry! Isn't her bunnies and foxes just adorable? Even her vikings look adorable! Unfortunately it seems like her shop is on vacation now, maybe you could check out her shop later when she comes back. :)

I'm not necessarily a big fan of leather goods myself, but damn... Tovicorrie's leather goods are just so beautiful! It may be due to my love for Asian culture and design, but I am loving the Asian inspired pieces like the swallow leather cuff above. His works has a vintage feel to it, and I think it is pretty cool since he makes iPad and iPhone/iPod cases too, since those devices look pretty sleek and modern. I have an odd liking for things that clash. :) Except for colors of course, hehe.

I think I found Jimbobart from a Weekly Word Pick post I did quite a while ago, but I still remember his work, and that is most important for an indie business - unforgettable. :) His animal paintings are whimsical and quirky, I especially love the bears! Sandwich Defender is my fave, though I have a soft spot for wolves too, and cats... not so much squirrels. :P

There is a certain stillness and peacefulness to Jennifer Squire's photographs. The minimalistic approach, the soft and gentle colors, it just evokes a feeling of 'zen' and quietness. Just looking at them makes me feel relaxed already. I think they would make wonderful deco for a modern home, and great gifts for friends who are always hectic.

Freya Art's artworks are like a combination of adorable art and typography posters, I love the messages in them. And I am loving the color palette that she uses for her art! Such a whimsical, fun art style, with a touch of oddity. :) This is another shop that one would not easily forget as well.


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