Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Craftroom Revamp Part 2

Finally, progress! I'm taking this slow aren't I? :) I think I posted the photo above in my previous post. And I decided hey, white just ain't my color anymore! ;) I needed a splash of color in my room, something that doesn't make my room so dull and unexciting, so I went on an adventure to find the perfect color for my walls.

In the end, I found the perfect paint via Ace Hardware Nippon Color Creations, I got the Blue Puff color which looks similar to this...

It was so difficult to choose, there are just too many colors! But I wanted something bright, not too dark, but not too prominent either, so this works great. :)

And one of the reasons of this revamping is to reorganize my rapidly growing supplies. My dad informed me of this promotion that Carrefour is having, RM11.90 (that's USD4!) for one of these 3-tiered shelves! How can I pass on a superb promotion like that? So I went ahead and asked him to get 3 for me, he is my hero! :D

Work in progress of painting the wall. It was a great hassle to paint the whole room, and my dad is too busy to help me move the furnitures. So I decided to just paint one wall only. But at least that way my room wouldn't be too dull anymore! I know the blue looks kind of lighter here, but after it dried, it always turned darker.

And here is the final result! With the shelves all assembled to boot, ready for me to chuck in my stuff. ;)

Now do take note, my bed/craftroom is almost a perfect square shape, and it is a little smaller than 10x10 feet. (Yes, it is a very small room sobs) And it is completely devoid of sunlight because it is one of those rooms that is in the middle of the house, I do have a window, but it looks into a dark corridor instead of the outside world. So please excuse me if the lighting for my photos isn't too great. :(


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