Friday, March 4, 2011

Inspirational Friday - Innovative Bookshelves

I can't get enough of bookshelves! The more I look, the more interesting bookshelves I find! So to continue on from next week, here are this week's bookshelves that doesn't look like bookshelves on first glance. :)

Made from repurposed cabinets and drawers, this wall display/bookshelf is just epic. Love the retro colors too!
These origami-like bookshelf and table just looks so trippy!

This is just pure awesome. Would be a trip to see it on the wall everytime :D

This is just genius and innovative. :D Who would've thought? Although granted the books will probably risk falling, but it still looks pretty wicked.

What a gorgeous, gorgeous bookcase! I want one for my room!!


Pea said...

i had been thinking for whole weekend how to rearrange my shelves... thanx sharing. very good inspiration.

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