Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Around The World - San Francisco

Since I mentioned I am going to San Francisco in an earlier post, I shall do none other than San Francisco this time. Rich with culture and art, some claim that San Francisco might be one of the most inspirational city to be in. So it goes without saying that there are tonnes of wonderful artisans in this beautiful city.

It was a difficult pick, since there are just too many wonderful shops from San Francisco! I had to eliminate quite a few beautiful shops to finally settle with these 8.

My friends in San Francisco are mostly illustrators, so I feel appropriate to start this off with one. :) I just absolutely love KiriMothDesigns. The gorgeous Art Noveau style, the subjects, the clean lines and soothing colors, is there anything to not love? I also love her mouse series too, too adorable :D

If you prefer something with a bit more adult taste, you should try out Charmaine Olivia. Her illustrations of the female form exudes an air of femme fatale. I was immediately drawn in by her Fox Masque illustration, just so sexy and enigmatic. Her silhouette art and her occasional whimsical illustrations (such as the deer with gym socks illustration above) are very interesting too.

Not your traditional illustration, deav's were not drawn, but carved on wood. I actually first saw his work in photos of Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco, it was nice to find him on Etsy too. :) I wouldn't mind a piece of his art for my wall, especially the power pole above. :)

From art to artistic jewelry. These organic earrings from Sanfranblissco are just simply elaborate and amazing. The beautiful curves and carvings all compliment each other wonderfully, I love the almost tribal-like feel to their work. If you are looking for statement pieces, you don't need to look further. :)

I always have a certain higher respect for jewelers that are excellent metal workers and hand sculpt their own casts for their jewelry. These rose and flower rings from jennykim are amazingly detailed and simply breathtaking. Even if I am not a keen ring wearer myself normally, but I lust for that poppy ring there on the upper right corner. I would wear it everyday!

From artistic jewelry to... scientific jewelry? These nerdy jewelry pieces are made by Raven Hanna from Molecularmuse. You like caffeine and science? They have pieces based on the caffeine molecule. You like chocolate instead? They have that too. :) Fully equipped with some fun scientific facts on the molecules in their individual descriptions.

If you prefer jewelry with a simpler and modern design, you should check Lauren Ramirez out. Simple and minimalistic, her jewelry had a grungy chic feel to it. I find the horseshoe cuff bracelet to be amazingly simple and creative, and I love that eye ring as well, reminds me Lord of the Ring for some reason... hmm. If only the stone is a citrine or red garnet. :)

Yorktownroad makes some of the most beautiful bags and totes I have ever seen. The bright colors, the design, and I am so into that pleated texture she has in her bags. The craftsmanship is just exquisite! Makes me want to touch and feel them~

Maybe I will, when I get to San Francisco. I just can't wait for June to come!! Although at the same time... I am afraid that it might come too fast, yikes!


Jenny said...

Thank you so much for including my jewelry along with all this *incredible* work by local San Franciscans!

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