Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Around The World - Sydney Australia

Sweet Sydney Postcards by PhotographyByAnita, who also has a great shop btw, check her out! :)

This week, we are flying down south to Australia! :D The giant island where kangaroos and koala bears live. And we will be visiting the largest city of this wonderfully laid back country - Sydney, where it is also one of the best places to see fireworks, according to a biased friend that lives in Australia. ;)

HandsomeGround is a fairly new shop, and I see a lot of potential in this one! :) She has the unique products and great photography, now all she need to do is to tag them wisely and list more items! List more!! Oh and also to price them appropriately too. Love the geometric cards!

When I first set eyes on CafeBaudelaire, I couldn't quite believe my eyes. The beautiful Marie Antoinette inspired vintage ladies, but with a twist that still retain the classical beauty. It was like... Wonderland! The exquisite designs, the intricate details and the bright colors, just so breathtaking! I know at least two people that will go gaga over this shop!

I love elgarboart's colorful vintage photographs! Some of them like the photo of the tufted titmouse above just looks so convincingly like a painting. His surf photography are particularly intriguing, as it is not a very common subject in vintage photography.

Sometimes, simplicity is still the most beautiful. That couldn't be more true when it comes to Ant Haus Design's contemporary jewelry. By using matte sterling silver, she creates beautiful pieces with simple, graphical shapes. I was most intrigued by the Double Curve bangles shown above. Very uniquely simple and tasteful. :)

Quoting Peticotees, "If you love dogs and love tees, you have landed on the right place." And that couldn't be more true with the whimsical and clever designs of their tees. :) Graphical dogs, origami dogs and shadow puppet dogs! Although their tee designs are still limited, but I can't wait to see them come up with more designs.

I love eco-friendly Etsy shops, and Velvet Bean is definitely one of them! :) These cushions would be awesome in a house with industrial-like deco, and just think of the journeys the sacks had been through, travelling around the world. Love their tagline too - "Reducing landfill one coffee sack at a time." And by discovering their awesome shop, I learned a new word today, and it is - Ottoman. :D

One thing I love about Etsy is... I can sometimes find some things on there that I never knew existed! Like these digital synth instruments from Rare Beasts. (awesome name too!) Words can't describe how awesome they are and I can't even begin to imagine how these are made!! I mean... just look at this youtube video of the Wicks Looper above!

I've had always been quite intrigued with terrariums, and I am most excited when I found Terradctl! You see, as a girl when I am a kid, instead of Barbie dolls (which I do have one) I love dinosaurs more! Sooo much more!! And some of these terrariums really do look like scenes from the jurassic age. Especially the volcanic one above, just look at that crazy looking plant!! Too bad plants can't be shipped across borders. :'(


Wendy Paula said...

Thank you so much for the delightful feature on your wonderful blog!
Cafe Baudelaire

Anonymous said...

Great post - thank you for the feature!

We love Terradactl too :)


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