Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ginger's Second Jab

Before the update, I can't help but find the need to share this. Stacey from CreaShines found this adorable print on Etsy, and I couldn't help but fave it right on the spot! This is so cute, I bet Ginger looked like this when she's a wee kitten. ;u;

Yesterday I took Ginger to the vet for her second mange jab. It was a busy day for the clinic yesterday, lots of sick doggies. >.< I had to wait over an hour for her jab due to a dog's urgent surgery. But all is good, I hang a bit, adored people's pets and learned some new things from the lady behind the counter. :)

Ginger in her carrier waiting for her turn. At one point she actually fallen asleep in there, lol. It was raining a lot recently so please excuse her messy look, she got a bit wet yesterday.

Despite the long wait, her jab only took a couple minutes and she was done! She cooperated with minimal struggles and obediently went back into the carrier after. :) However, the vet did expressed his concern that Ginger did not gain any weight despite abundance of feeding, (she is only 2kg!!) I guess I'll give it another week to see if there will be improvement next week. If there aren't, I'm going to ask him to check for other issues. :(

The crusts on her ears and face had pretty much fallen off now.

She has a better appetite, her eyes are looking bigger and brighter, and she just generally look healthier. :) Before this her eyes were always cloudy and she couldn't open them all the way due to the crusts on her face. She is very affectionate too, and likes to rub the top of her head against my legs when I'm preparing her food.

However, this morning when I went out to feed her, I noticed that she seems a little unbalanced. Although active, she almost fell over like she was drunk or something, a few times too. It looked like her back legs weren't very strong. Then later in the afternoon she looked ill and didn't want to eat. (although in the end she did when I added some fresh canned food) I hope this is just a side effect of the Ivermectin jab the vet gave her yesterday. :( She also has flu, keep sneezing, probably from being in the rain the other day. My porch is very prone to floods, and during a heavy rain a couple days ago, about an inch of water went into the carrier. My mom lifted - cat and carrier, up onto a shoe rack. But the cloth inside was wet, and for some reason Ginger stayed stubbornly inside. Now the carrier is settled on top of a few large bricks to elevate it a little.


KnotOriginal said...

Oh my, she is so precious! I hope your vet can get her health straightened out in no time.

jaunebleu said...

She is an amazing little thing! I hope you can figure out why she is not eating :( We'll keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers.

aubepine said...

She looks so sweet! Sending good thoughts to you and Ginger.

Mo Pie, Please said...

She is so cute! Hopefully things are on the up and up for her!

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