Wednesday, March 6, 2013

30 Days of List - My Talents!

  1. I have a great memory for many things. (unfortunately not everything)
  2. Versatile usage of my artistic skills. (painting, designing, taking photographs, logo design, etc etc)
  3. Knowing 4 languages, and how to write decently in most of them.
  4. Resourcefullness
  5. Keeping an organized mess.
  6. Running towards an enemy with nothing more than a steel pipe, and surviving the encounter in a video game.
The last point refers mostly to survival horror games haha. The steel pipe was my most trusty weapon, it won't break, it's long, easy to find, and versatile. At one point it actually upgraded into a gold pipe!

Also, I love the color scheme for this one! :D I must say I made myself proud.


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