Saturday, March 23, 2013

30 Days of List - Past Injuries

  1. Abrasion in my left cornea that took a year to heal.
  2. Bitten by my cat. Puncture wound on my left arm that still has a visible scar.
  3. Pulled leg muscle on my lower right leg, multiple times.
  4. Crushed big toe nail, resulting from a 2 pound rock falling onto it from 6 feet above.
The last one happened when I was a kid. I was playing at a stream with a few other kids, then one of them thought it was a good idea to throw big rocks down the stream when I was standing in that direction. My toe nail was washed away by the water... The abrasion in my eye was one of the most traumatising events. I've sworn not to wear contact lenses now and has a small mirror with me most of the time to make sure nothing foreign get in there.


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