Saturday, March 16, 2013

30 Days of List - This Month's Soundtrack

  1. Skyfall - Adele
  2. I knew you were trouble - Taylor Swift
  3. Varuo - Sigur Ros
  4. S.A.D (Single Awareness Day) - Joseph Vincent
  5. This is gonna hurt - Hoobastank
  6. Strangers - Yoko Kanno
  7. Love is the drug - Carla Gugino & Oscar Isaac (Sucker Punch Soundtrack)
Just some tunes I love listening to lately. :) I had fun looking the songs up on youtube and linking them all here! You should totally watch the ones for Varuo and Love is the drug, (if you haven't seen the extended movie) those videos are AMAZING and I lost count how many times I watched them. Still get teary eyed every time I watch Varuo.

And haha, Joseph Vincent's "S.A.D". I found the song last Valentines, and got hooked somehow. Still playing it on my iTunes!

The artists are colored in grey on the list, to differentiate from the titles. :)


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