Tuesday, March 19, 2013

High Quality Free Fonts

Quite a few people had asked me to make a tutorial on how to make the subway-style typography posters I did for the 30 Days of Lists. However, since it's kind of difficult to explain it step by step, I decided to make a few 'tips' posts instead. :)

The subway style posters are still essentially typography, to make them interesting, you need a variety of high quality fonts. And here are a few great sites to download high quality fonts for free.

Lost Type is one of my favorite websites for fonts! It's created by only two guys, Gorgeous fonts and great variety too. Personally I use quite a few fonts from their website, including Homestead, Geared and Franchise. If you are feeling generous and want to thank the creators for their beautiful fonts, you can opt to donate some money when you download their fonts too.

Dafont is a great site for free fonts, simple to use too. But like most free font websites, not all their fonts are of high quality. You'll need to know how to find the better ones. (hint: You can sort by 'Popularity' when you search for fonts) Please note though, not all of their fonts are available for commercial use.

Smashing Magazine is more a design magazine than a font downloading website, but I check their free font section once in a blue moon to see what swanky new free fonts are available now on the market. This is a great way to discover new fonts!

So there you have it, these are the places I get my fonts from. :)

Oh and as a little gift from me to you, Linotype is offering some fonts for free on their Facebook fanpage here. Nothing better than free high quality fonts right? :)


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