Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Range of Bracelets

Last week I really outdone myself, a 3-day weekend really did good things for my motivation. I made enough items for a total of 13 listings! Although this week I had only done 1 piece so far hahaha. It's because not one, but THREE of the supplies I ordered arrived at once! One via plane (air mail), one via ship (surface mail) and one via truck. (domestic mail) The one via surface mail finally arrived after a long one and half month wait and I spent FOREVER sorting everything out. My room is a mess now and I am in desperate need for more storage space.

Anyways, I tried my hands in making a new range of non-cluster bracelets last week, something more simple, scouring over the many variety of materials I have.

Title : Tropical Swirl
Price : USD17.00

I'm not sure how to categorize this type of bracelets aside from being beaded. Am quite fond of the colors actually, the dark teal color with shades of yellow really pops. They are really fun to make if I have enough variety of materials too. I hope/think the pricing is right for these, maybe when I list them in the shop I could ask for opinions in the Etsy forums, hmm.

Title : Iceberg
Price : USD17.00

A friend commented this blue/white bracelet looks very icey, and coincidentally I hung a whale charm on this as well. (which you can't see because it's at the far side of this photo) Hence the name.

I might need to scour some lampwork glass beads from a friend to make more of these bracelets. :D The earrings are next!

Title : Tree Vines
Price : USD14.00

I have some leaf charms, and some vine connectors. It's not difficult to do the math :D Reminds me of tropical rainforests.

Title : Golden Teardrops
Price : USD25.00

I actually really like this one, they are long and gorgeous in shades of gold. Such a luxurious and elegant color!

Title : A Week of Pearls
Price : USD35.00

Something new that I decided to try out. A set of 7 pairs of earrings, one for each day of the week! Each comes with their own sterling silver hooks so you could just pick them and put them on without the hassles of changing the pearls on interchangeable hooks everyday. The pearls are all nickel free. :) Next up, bracelets!

Title : Cold Hearted
Price : USD23.00

For those that are cold hearted! Lol, I'm joking. These are actually really cute, I'm very fond of the color combination. I'm going to make a similar one (without the hearts) for myself because I recently bought a lot of blue colored clothes. This will match perfectly!

Title : Berrilicious Grapes
Price : USD20.00

Inspired by grapes and wine. This really reminds me of vineyards, and when I think of vineyards I am reminded of Sims 3 and the vineyard in France. Perhaps it's because I've never been to a REAL vineyard, hmm... makes me wonder if they are really like the one in Sims 3.

Title : Strawberries and Cream
Price : USD20.00

I was trying to pick out colors that I haven't used for bracelets yet, and that's how I picked the pastel pink pearls. They look so sweet and cute!

Title : Key to Her Heart
Price : USD23.00

Bracelet version of that phone charm I did (and sold) a while ago, because I have so many of those key charms!!

Title : Pastels
Price : USD20.00

Sweet pastel pinks and blues, reminds me of My Little Pony too somehow! Those sweet days of childhood~

Title : Black Beauty
Price : USD12.00

Another horse inspired bookmark. I loooooved the Black Beauty novel when I was little, it is such a sad and beautiful story. I used to love horses and draw them all the time when I was a kid. Not anymore though, I wonder what took the horse loving out of me? :(

Title : I Love Whales
Price : USD9.50

Phone charms! I haven't made these in a while. This one reminds me of a project I did back in college with the 'Save the Humpback Whales' theme. It is still one of my fondest projects, although I don't have a single piece of the project left to show. Oh wells~

Title : You're A Star
Price : USD9.50

I believe everyone is a shining star on their own. Everyone is unique, no one are the same, we are talented at different things. Which then reflects the concept of my store. I normally only make one of each item because I believe that all items should be exclusive to their owners. That and... I don't like making repeat items. It's always more exciting crafting new items and admire the finish product.


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Great Stuff....Iceburg and Tree Vines are probably my faves. :)

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