Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekly Word Picks - Tornado

Weekend getaway was fun and relaxing, I haven't lounge around on the bed all day in front of the TV in a while. Just spending time chatting, laughing, playing games. It was a nice break from my usual busy schedule. Now that it had passed, I better get back to work ahaha.

The giveaway that Mel so graciously held for me on the Lisbonsky blog had finally ended and a winner was chosen as well. Congratulations to Sarah T for winning my first ever giveaway :D I will send out the items later in the week. Hmm... perhaps I should just do it tomorrow since I have the day off. I will be free (hopefully) in the afternoon as well so I would be able to take some photos of the new pieces I made up till now.

Anyway, it is time for another week of word pick feature! This week's word was picked by a friend of mine and it is... *drumroll*

I like how surprising it is every time someone suggests a word :)

For the complete Treasury, please follow this link : Tornado

That was fun. :) Any suggestions what word I should use next for next week?


dye diana dye said...

This is absolutely gorgeous, and what a cool idea to put together a treasury based solely on a word! I'll be following this blog. :)

Alex Kam said...

Thank you Diana! If you like you could suggest a word for next week as well, I am always open for suggestions :)

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