Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fears, Top 3 Phobias

There won't be a weekly update on pieces I made weekly, because I'm spending the weekend at my friend's place, which means I wouldn't have the opportunity to take pictures of my pieces. So maybe next week I will update the blog with a big update like the one a couple weeks ago :D

Speaking of updates, I redid my blog design! Well... kind of. I found out about the new blog template designing thing just today and decided to try it out. It's pretty cool! Now I can make 3 column blogs without anymore hassle with html. Woot woot!! And there are just so many background designs, it was just so difficult to choose one. But aren't this utensil pattern cute? Though I still need to redo the blog banner since mine is a bit too long to fit in there. In due time perhaps.

Anyways, I recently encountered one of my worse fears, which is what inspired me to write this post. My top 3 phobias and fears.

Number 1 : Spiders

These creepy crawlies actually send my skin crawling YEUCH!! For me, I absolutely hate how they move! Their long spindly legs, slowly rising so slenderly moving forward, and their SPEED hogawd. I think it started from this childhood trauma where my parents were watching this horror sci-fi show, I was only about 8 years old that time. I didn't watch the movie per se, but I saw the TV commercial for it and it crept the fuck out of me. There was one scene where a huge spider with an actual human face on the abdomen bursting out of someone's stomach and slowly crawled out the side. I still remember it clearly.

Spiders are also one of the few creatures that creep me out even in virtual form. I used to play World of Warcraft, and in one of their expansions they introduced this new model/design for a spider. And the first time I encountered them in the game (where I need to kill them for a quest) I got soooo freaked out I almost abandoned the quest! But I did it anyway with goosebumps crawling on my skin all the time. It's the way they move I tell you!

Even if you look cute, you're still evil! And these buggers can jump like no other!

Although I hate them with my guts, they somehow still manage to find their way into my life. In not one but TWO occasions, 2 small spiders managed to get into 2 of my cups somehow. One was even tightly sealed, and it built a small web in my cup when I found it. The other time (which was very recently) I had filled it with water and gulped down once or twice before I realized it had drowned at the bottom of my cup, eew! Thank God they were only small spiders. But still...

Get out of my cup!!

Number 2 : Trucks carrying tree logs

This one was no thanks to this movie...

I've been afraid of these damn trucks ever since! Whenever I saw them on the high way, I am always reminded of the stupid scene in the movie. I would get away from them as far as possible (if they are at the left most lane, I would overtake them on the right most lane) and most of the time I will accelerate faster. The other day I saw one much like the first picture there and I couldn't help but notice how rusty the chains were. I quickly overtook him and run as far as I could.

Number 3 : Illegal Immigrants

I have the unfortunate fate of living in a neighborhood populated with these freaks. Where did the sunny days of friendly and happy neighbors went? Where did my school friends that live nearby went? Oh right, they moved out after the flood incident more than 10 years ago. It doesn't help that there are a lot of factories around my area, and there's like two industry areas next to my housing area.

Technically, they are not all illegal. I'm pretty sure some of them are legal immigrant workers. But they still do illegal stuff like robbing, raping and stuff like that. The marketplace is flooded with them and you should see the bus stops on weekends, it was FREAKY! And they would stare at you one kind, especially if you're a girl. Once I had to bring my brother to a clinic around the marketplace at around midnight because he was sick, when I was driving through a dark alley when we're leaving, I saw this dude with his shirt open and he was putting on his belt. I freaked (quietly though) and quickly rushed home.

I blame them all for the high crime rate in Malaysia, and for my chase dreams. I have a lot of dreams of me being chased by a variety of different people or vehicle. Homeless people, serial killers, the headless horseman, yellow buses. I read somewhere that it means that I have a fear of being attacked, which is probably true. And I am thankful that nothing like that had happened to me yet.

Illegal immigrants ahead eep!! Drive faster!


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