Sunday, June 6, 2010

First peek for next week

I apologize for the spam with my work lately, but I figured that if I want to showcase my work on my blog, perhaps they should be a sneak peek of what's to come in the coming week as I list them up over the week.

It was a fairly productive week even though I was swamped with sorting out my new supplies. Although I was suffering a little from inspiration block as well. Maybe the inspiration rush last week had drawn out my motivation, or ideas, or something. Anyways, I will be off to get some boxes tomorrow to store my supplies properly, my shoe box is looking pretty overflowed and tattered right now...

Now on to the sneak peek! Pearl cluster bracelets first!

Title : America All Stars
Price : USD23.00

I had the idea for this since I made Patriotism a couple weeks back. I used a different red and blue for this though, so it looks more vintage and the colors are not as bright. Inspired by the USA flag. Although... there are only 32 stars and not 50... I'm not sure if I should add more stars since there are already quite a few on there.

Title : Blackberry
Price : USD25.00

Made with some of the new supplies I have. The faceted crystals on this is just gorgeous! The czech fire polish beads are very beautiful too, they look light purple under sunlight, but a refreshing light blue under fluorescent lights, I was pleasantly surprised. I am sooooo tempted to make one of these for myself too! Ah decisions, decisions~

Title : Sweet Nothings
Price : USD17.00

Finally, after identifying the gemstones my mom gave me, I could use them for my pieces in peace. This bracelet has some rose quartz chips on the further side there, which I would have a clearer picture of when I list it on Etsy. Just something simple and girly :)

Title : Secret Garden
Price : USD18.50

This is going to be a favorite for people that loves the color green. I personally love this myself! I hung some little flower and butterfly charms on it, so I guess this is considered a charm bracelet? Hehe.

Title : Under the Sea
Price : USD17.00

Another blue bracelet! I have far too many blue materials hahaha. (it's one of my favorite colors after all) This one has a cute fish charm on it :) I need to get more from my friend.

And the rest of the post will be just earrings. Thinking I should make more bookmarks next week.

Title : Heart of Ice
Price : USD14.00

I guess you could say these are the earring version of the Iceberg bracelet from last week. Part of a small series with the glass cube beads.

Title : Violet
Price : USD14.00

Part of the glass cube mini series, this one with a flower dangle. I'm running out of flowers! Which would explain the lack of flowers in my recent pearl cluster bracelets, because I don't have enough for even one bracelet. :(

Title : New Shrub
Price : USD14.00

Part 3 (also the last part) of my glass cube mini series. Personally, the green cubes are my favorite among all of the three colors I have.

Title : Rose Cluster
Price : USD15.00

Made with the rose quartz chips my mom gave me. These look very beautiful and organic. Both earrings are different because the chips are all different sizes and shape, impossible to make them exactly the same.

Title : Shrubbery
Price : USD15.00

We want... a shrubbery!! One that looks nice, and not too expensive. Lol I can be such a geek sometimes. These are made with prehnite, which was also bestowed to me by my mom. (she has far too many of these bracelets that she don't wear!) My camera still really sucked at catching green colored objects, especially if it is very pale or pastel colored. :(

Title : Cherries
Price : USD15.00

Last one for this week, ALSO made with materials given by my mom. The dyed quartz just looks so bright and vibrant, so I decided to pair them with the prehnite to make cherry earrings. They are quite adorable!!

That's it for this time. The next update will probably be some ways away, probably two weeks from now, since I won't be home to take photos next week, going on a little holiday~ Although I will still be bringing my laptop along, so I'm probably still going to be blogging hehehe.


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