Sunday, June 27, 2010


I've been meaning to make some necklaces for the shop for a while now. You know sometimes you want to do something but you just drag it on actually STARTING it? But when you do, you're done in a jiffy. Anyways, I finally got a necklace display and made a few necklaces to be listed into the shop eventually, so here's some quick first peeks.

Title : Black Pegasus
Price : USD20.00

Someone wise once told me, that majority of our ideas hit us when we are sitting and doing our business in the washroom. That couldn't be far from the truth for this necklace. (Although I assure you I washed my hands thoroughly before I made this hehehe) This is mainly inspired from the black Pegasus in the new Clash of the Titans movie.

Title : Pegasus
Price : USD20.00

This is the traditional form (or color) of Pegasus, white. :) They both measure at about 45cm (17.6 inches) in length. And below is how they would look like hanging from a neck.

Looks like the Pegasus is flying, simple and elegant!

Title : Dew Drop
Price : USD28.00

I also made some pendants with the chalcedonies I got. They are such beautiful gemstones! I really love the little blue one here.

Title : Belladona
Price : USD28.00

And here is a bigger chalcedony. This is the biggest one I got I think, it measures at about 1.3cm at it's widest point. :) I had recently fell in love with the color combinations of yellow and teal~ I'm soooooo tempted to keep this for myself lol!

Title : Raindrops On My Ears
Price : USD28.00

Omg is this the only earrings I made the entire week? Lol yes! I decided that I should give it more effort and actually make more bracelets than 'cheat' with earrings hahaha. Plus there's the thing with new necklaces too.

Title : Fluttering Dreams
Price : USD17.00

Can you tell I love the aqua blue color? Oh yes I do! I also love navy blue but alas, I don't have a lot of supplies in that color. :(

Title : Summer Flowers
Price : USD17.00

Attempted to try out a new idea I had with the flowers, and I wanted to make something bright and summer-y too. Which is how this came into being.

Title : Fields of Gold
Price : USD21.00

Inspired by the song with the same name, one of my favorite songs from Sting ever! Just reminds me of a wheat field. (and to some extend, the 300 movie lol)

Title : Carnival
Price : USD21.00

This is actually inspired by three cars parked together. One was red, one was white and there was a teal/blue one in between. I truly believe that inspirations are all around us :)

Title : Poppies On Grey
Price : USD23.00

I don't know what motivated me to make a third bracelet with the red + monotone colors, but made them I did! At least they aren't all the same, and red + black/grey are always very easy to match. :)

Title : Royalty
Price : USD21.00

In Malaysia, purple and gold are the colors for the royalty. Now I'm not very sure if the throne are in these colors, (though I won't be surprised if they are) but they make a very striking and beautiful bracelet. :) Wear them and feel like a royalty yourself!

You may have noticed that I raised the prices for the pearl cluster bracelets a little. I just felt that the pricing difference between the cluster bracelets and the beaded ones are too small, although the cluster bracelets involved more work. It is just a small raise though, so don't worry!


Plantress said...

good job. It always takes me forever to make something. You are really a whiz!

Alex Kam said...

Why thank you Plantress! I guess I just need the inspiration hahaha. I can sit in front of my laptop to watch CSI and craft all day! I actually overworked my knuckles yesterday after I made 5 pieces in a day... they hurt >.<

Anonymous said...

Miaow omg I'm so in love with the white pegasus necklace TAT;;; I want to buy it TAT;;

Pea said...

summer flowers are very refreshing. ohoho...

Alex Kam said...

Aya, you want? >u< I can sell it to you~ I'll bring it along the next time we meet? :3

Pea, Lol thanks! They remind me of daffodils actually.

Anonymous said...

Yes please! >w<;

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