Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Colors of Summer

Since a couple days ago I've been feeling rather 'blah' and unmotivated. I'm not sure why, maybe my lady time is creeping near, hmm. But nevertheless, here is the huge update that I promised a while ago. There weren't 14 items in total unfortunately, because 2 of the items I haven't got the photos right yet, so I will add them in the next update.

Title : Coral Teardrop
Price : USD30.00

The wire small enough to fit into the hole had finally arrived! So I can finally do something with my chalcedony briolettes :D I just love the bright coral color! These are the only pair I have too. (I bought a multi-color strand)

Title : Toffee Candy
Price : USD17.00

I found these gorgeously yummy looking lampwork glass beads the other day, I just loooove them! So here's something simple to show off their beauty in their simplicity, the beads were carefully hand picked by your's truly. :)

Title : Pink Lavenders
Price : USD27.00

A friend commented these look like flowers in a pink glass vase, and only then did I see the image. It was rather amusing to say the least. The flower and wire are tarnish resistant.

Title : Tropical Flowers
Price : USD15.00

Experimented with layering the acrylic flowers. I'm running out of them (the frosted ones) and I have a couple of odd colors, maybe I should make asymmetrical earrings with them hmm.

Title : Celtic Green
Price : USD15.00

Laziness strike! This is a different color variation of another earring I made a while ago ahaha. I sold that some time ago, so I figured I should make one with another color scheme lol.

Title : Rainbow Drops
Price : USD20.00

Made with carefully picked light-colored Czech fire polish glass beads. These earrings dangle gorgeously from a long fine chain. I love going through my bead collections to find nice color schemes and picking out little treasures! It's like a mini treasure hunt.

Title : Fruit Platter - Breakfast
Price : USD15.00

These brightly colored citrusy earrings are cute and perfect for summer! I decided to make these not OOAK, since I figured I should have a couple of common line of items in my shop. Although stock is only limited until my fruit beads run out. Depending on how popular they are, I might or might not restock my beads and make more.

Title : Fruit Platter - Dinner
Price : USD15.00

Same series as above, this is how they look like when dangled. :) This one has a green and red color scheme. Lunch to come later when I figure out what fruits to use hahaha.

Title : Gold Sakura
Price : USD20.00

This gold and pink color combination is surprisingly sweet. It's not something I would wear (too sweet!) but it would definitely be suitable for girly girls that looooves pink. I kinda like how the photo turn out too, like the pearls almost have a semi translucent quality to them.

Title : Drops of Blood
Price : USD20.00

This predominantly red bracelet with accents of black and white was actually inspired by the poppy flowers, which for some unknown reason reminds me of blood most of the time. I attached a crescent moon charm on the end in hopes of attracting some Twilight fans hahaha. Personally I had not seen the movie or read the book, and not really interested to, to tell the truth. However, I am interested to watch True Blood, lol.

Title : Blue Lemonade
Price : USD17.00

A simpler version of the Blue Martini cluster bracelet. I like the blue/yellow combination, so refreshing and bright!

Title : Traditional Values
Price : USD17.00

A simple bracelet with the humble colors of brown and white, accented with wood and with an exotic vintage feel to it. I really like the intricate wooden bead I got from my friend from digging through her beads collection.

So conclusion? I am a treasure hunter that hunts for pretty beads! :D


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