Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Word Picks - Sponge

The pass two days was so busy I barely had time to update the blog, and I was busy feeling burnt out and miserable during the weekend to do much. But this totally made my day on Sunday night!

My Dream Room treasury made it to the Etsy front page!! :D It was soooo unexpected and I was so surprised! I made that treasury on a whim on Friday evening and even didn't bother to contact all the artists because of my moody self. I thought for sure that treasury was forgotten in the humongous sea of Treasury East. (I swear that place is FLOODED) So I didn't bother about it for a while. Until it reappeared before my eyes!

Am still excited about it eventhough it was already two days ago, hahaha. But anyways, back to the post's main topic. This week's word feature oh yes! I had a very very dear friend of mine do the picking this time, and she picked...

Her rationale for choosing this word : I was trying to squeeze my brain for a word and thought how a sponge could absorb it all back in.


For the complete Treasury, please follow this link : Sponge

While making this treasury, I find it so difficult to make these treasuries without jewelry in them. Do jewellers like to add strange tags to their pieces? Or are there just too many jewelry shops on Etsy? Ahaha. So, any suggestions what word I should use next for next week?


SarahKelley said...

Delicious-- because I buddy of mind just said that people warp her name into that word--
Hassle-- because I went to Wal-mart today
Babble-- because my cockatoo is talking to me
Snark-- because I wanted to add a one syllable word for--

Alex Kam said...

Thank you Sarah for the suggestions! Delicious it is :D

Artsy/Fartsy said...

hi i started a new review site for crafts. ur linked :)

Alex Kam said...

Where is this link you speak of? I must be blind @.@

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