Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project Craftroom Revamp part 1

Late last year, I wrote a post about my creative goals, and one of them was reorganization and mini revamp of my workspace. I had been quietly working on that for a while now. The first step was to clean up, like usual. :) We donated a bunch of stuff like broken radios, DVD players, old bookshelf and even my broken PS1 to a local corporation that recycles for charity. (my house is like a junkyard omg)

Then the second step, was to get inspiration on how to pretty my room up. :)

This I posted on my Creative goals post before. I just love the vintage suitcases and the blue cabinet beside it. I want to get a vintage suitcase, but it is so difficult where I live. :( Since people here prefer shiny and new compared to vintage and charming. So there are virtually -no- thrift stores here. Although I could get from Etsy... but the shipping charges really make me think twice. >.<;;

I love the blue wall! Also love the wall cabinet and the little jars of supplies hanging underneath. (by magnet perhaps?) Now that's something to think about. :) I like how the humidifier looks like it is smiling in the photo :D

Now this, this one I wish I can have. *sobs* I love this blue color as well, and that grid on one of the walls where she is hanging her tools, that is just awesome. The chandelier is a nice touch as well. :)

Can you tell that I like the blue + white combination? Lol.


Salameander said...

Oh Alex, these are such lovely workspaces to draw inspiration from! I'm with you on the third photo - for me it is the close-the-door-to-hide-everything feature that is most appealing. And that pegboard on the left is a terrific idea.

Looking forward to you sharing your work-in-progress as your craftroom revamp plans get more firm. :)

Ah Yng said...

About the vintage suitcases, you can order it and have it send to my address, then pick it up on your trip! :D

Or or, research about thrift stores here and go shop for one when you are here~

Alex Kam said...

Michelle, Yes I love the fact that I may be able to hide my mess behind closed doors hehehe. But now I'm keeping my room door closed also la, ahaha.

Yng, Now that's an idea! I might take you up on that offer if I found any that I just absolutely must have. :D And yes, one of the purpose of my travels is to go to thrift stores in US, I'm looking to get some vintage photo frames as well :D

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