Monday, April 18, 2011

26 years of failed attempts, and those that stuck

I saw this on Danielle's blog - The merriweather council, the other day, and I just had to borrow it. I used to be active on livejournal and did a lot of those memes, lol. I guess it's difficult to kick the habit.

It's my birthday today, woohoo! :D And in this 26 years that I live on this earth, I tried out a lot of things. Some stuck, some didn't. And I just thought it would be interesting to list them down as a self-analysis or something. First off...

Those that did not stick...

Yes, I took piano lessons when I was 7 years old. Only for a year though, until my lovely teacher moved overseas to further her studies. After that I was assigned this shitty teacher that just tells me to practice by myself and was always away from the room. I remember that I was always looking out the door, trying to look for her for some help with a score, but could never find her.

Tried when I was in my teenage years, when guitar seems like the 'cool' thing to do back then. Had a kick ass black guitar, but never practiced. Eventually gave the guitar away, lol.

Track Racing
I was a representative for 100m dash, just because our team doesn't have enough participants. (I don't remember why I signed up) I got 3rd place, out of 4 contestants... at least I wasn't last?

I can't even throw the ball into the hoop!

I did a total of 2 characters in general, lol, just because it was the 'in' thing to do during that period of my life. But cosplay is just not the thing for me. I don't find the thrill that most cosplayers do and I am camera shy, plus it costs a lot of money to make the costumes! I much prefer spending those money getting a nice camera to take photos of cosplayers.

One of my favorite during Comic Fiesta 2009!

Comic Drawing
For a long time in my teenage years, I actually wanted to become a comic artist when I grew up. It was one of the motivation that kept me drawing. Until I actually worked on finishing a comic series myself, then only I knew that how little comic artists are paid for their time and effort, and that I will never get rich from being a comic artist. However, sometimes I still try though... (keyword = try)

Teaser of a comic book me and my friends published late last year

Web Design
I would rather die first than do this full time! And no freelance either unless you are paying me in body parts.

Love gaming, I was semi-hardcore back in the days of vanilla WoW. (when World of Warcraft haven't had any expansions yet) I wish I could be a gamer and still earn money, still do. But realized that I'm just not good enough at it. :( However, I still do try and allocate some time at least once a week to play games. Playing Bioshock 2 now. :) Quitted WoW a while back, although lately had been contemplating going back... noooo....

Logo I designed for the Etsy Malaysia Team

Logo Design
I love logo designs! And still do! I used to be active on Logo Tournament and pump out logo designs on a daily basis, won a few competitions on there too! But since I started my Etsy shop I never had time for logo designs anymore. :( I sometimes do wonder if I should start a graphic/logo design shop on Etsy though...

Those that stuck, and I'm good at.

"The Puppeteer", based on Nietzsche's philosophies. I wrote a whole damn essay for this artwork!

All the years I practiced drawing since I am a wee kid paid off. :) I believe that being able to draw helped me a great deal in my personal development, in graphic design, motion design, logo design, branding, color study, with my crafts and creativity etc etc. Although lately I haven't been drawing a lot, but I do feel the itch sometimes, hehe. Will post new works when I'm done. :)

Even if I am not awesome at my writing, I do believe that I am decent at it. :)

I admit I'm not awesome at photography, but hey, give me a chance to learn alright? ;)

So that's it, that's all I could think of! :D Sometimes I do wish that I have more time to do all the things above, but alas, I guess I have to give up something to gain more.


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