Thursday, April 14, 2011

Around The World - Singapore

Now that we had gone halfway around the world, time to come back to somewhere closer to home.

When Singapore is mentioned, the few things that popped right into my mind were... tiny apartments, posh, modern buildings, clean streets, and the banning of bubble gum. :P But what I didn't know is that crafters in this modern country actually makes some ridiculously adorable items!!

I found Pastel Petals ages ago, back when I just started, and I still really admire her work up until now. :) She doesn't have a huge collection, but her stuff is just so girly, shabby chic and pretty that you will just fall in love. The way she photograph her items, the overall color tones, I would still say that her shop is still one of the most cohesive out there. There is a lot to learn from her. :)

More shabby chic-ness! Viola Mahr is a shop I found when I am researching for this article, and I am now a hopeless fan! She is doing really well for a shop that started in the third quarter last year, and it's not difficult to see why. The amount of detail, the colors, the pretty laces and the simple ideas, it is just so easy to glee all over her cards! Plus they are pretty affordable too, perfect to get as gifts for loved ones! :)

Omg I can't believe my eyes when I saw this shop! How can something so pretty and detailed be something so tiny? I daresay that Miniature Patisserie is probably one of the best dollhouse miniature crafters that I had seen so far. And the way she photographs them make them look so convincingly real. Just... simply amazing!

Raine Style Home makes some really cute, modern and chic home decors. I especially love the little pop-up details like the flowers on the deer's horns and the hearts on the trees. Sometimes it is little details like these that really make one's product unique, standing out from the crowd. If you're looking for some new home decor items, definitely check her out as she has tons more items that would fit any home! :)

Bright, colorful and cute, I find that Little Odd Forest is quite the delight to browse through. (they have a very large collection too!) Love love love her forest/tree-themed items, like the stump cushion and In the Woods tote above. (though they have a tree trunk tote that I really like as well) They also make a large variety of other products, like tank tops, bibs and coasters. You should definitely check out their shop to see their rich and quirky collections. :)

Speaking of cute and quirky, kushkush is nothing short of that. Using felt, she makes a lot of cute accessories and home decor items. I particularly love her animals, especially that whale magnet! (ah, my weakness to whales) And I mean, how can one not smile when they see the bacon and egg wrist pouch? :)

Jewelry is one of the biggest categories on Etsy, but once in a while we do bump into unique jewelry and accessories shops. I do believe that shupg might be one of them. :) I laughed when I saw the "Don't mess with the Photographer" brooch above, and can think of a few friends to get it for as a gift. And although weird at first sight, I do find that the sign language pieces are pretty cute and meaningful. :) She makes a variety of different items using different materials and styles too, do check her out! Plus she is donating 50% of all her proceeds to help Japan as of now, so what are you waiting for?

I also found SixAstray via one of my Weekly Word Picks post, and remembered her from her Harry Potter pieces. Love the ideas, plus the delicate and intricacy of the details is just astounding! Although I am not a hardcore fan of the Harry Potter series (however, I do like Goblet of Fire and all the books before it) I love the world concept! I do want to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Florida some day, and ideally, I would wear one of SixAstray's pieces when I do. Too bad she doesn't seem to sell the Hedwig necklace anymore, that was my favorite.


Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Dear Alex,

Oh my! I am so surprised and equally happy to find myself featured on your blog! :)

Thank you so much for the kind sweet comments about my miniatures! I hope that it brings a smile to everyone who sees them :)

Pei Li

shupg said...

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the feature! I'm stoked :) It's great to have someone close to home see my shop.

All the best for your fab shop too and have a great year ahead!


muffin said...

Hey Alex, thank you so much for featuring kushkush! you made my day! that's the reason for me to continue creating.... to bring a smile to someone! thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful collection! It is an honor to be among the chosen few here :o) I loved getting to know these new shops, and admiring their beauties. Thank you Alex!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for your very kind mention, Alex! :) and to have been picked for your post for Singapore crafters. A sweet way to end my weekend. You have a wonderful new week ahead!

best wishes~ Lynda, littleoddforest

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