Thursday, April 21, 2011

Around The World - Greece

When people think about Greece, they are reminded of Ancient Greek. Where grand temples were built to worship the Greek Gods, and the rich mythology that surrounds them. The modern Greece however, is no longer the same. In fact, I only knew while doing research for this article, that the country's current official name is Hellenic Republic. Weird how things changed huh?

The Ancient Greek however, was also famed for their works of art. The grand temples and the detailed statues are still studied by students in art schools. (specifically in History of Art classes) So what about modern Greece? Are there still wonderful artists? The answer is... Yes. :)

I am sooooo in LOVE with this shop! Psyboom, or can also be known as La Boom! Makes beautiful and incredibly creative paper goods. Aside from paper, she also uses a large variety of different things like lace and wood. Tatiana, the owner, makes the most amazing shadowboxes. When the light is lit it up, you would see a different scene, a surprise! Which is really nifty and just... plain genius! I can't help myself and just bought something from her shop, can't wait for it to arrive!

I am a sucker for people that are great at drawing lines, maybe because I think I am good at it as well. ;) (narcissist much?) Anna Ruby King is one of those shops. I mean, she even has a coloring book! I love the rich and intricate lines she use in her little creatures, it just screams of her own personal style. For some reason, I love that cicada pin!

Minimalism at it's best, InQueue is a fairly new shop, but booming with potential! Even the name is simple and memorable. :) Aside from the good ole printed cards, she also makes stitched cards like the one with red thread above. Simple, but beautiful. I would totally frame some of these up to hang on the wall!

Kupkup, such a simple and memorable name, plus most importantly, incredibly cute! Which matches their handmade wares perfectly. Utilizing various types of fabrics, she makes the cutest accessories, pincushions and various works of art. It was actually quite difficult for me to just pick 4 items to be included in the picture collage because... I want to feature them all!! I love that kupkup land scenery! :D

Selling a large variety of wooden decoupage boxes and supplies, Greek Art is quite the shop to browse. From what I can see, I think most of his boxes are laser cut and designed to fit together nicely, which gives it a very DIY-look. I think if you ask nicely, maybe he will even leave the items unassembled so you can have the thrill to put it together yourself, if you are like me. ;) Aside from beautifully intricate boxes, he also sells candle holders and some jewelry supply, like the heart shaped pendant above, which is great for needlecraft. :)

Me and Marietta of Blue Room Pottery belongs to the same awesome treasury team - Team Awesome. ;) And that was how I found her on Etsy. Her bright and colorful pottery instantly caught my eye, especially the candle holders. Can you imagine how your room would look like in the dark with a candle lit inside? Maybe I should get one for myself one day, but I want a tray on top to burn aromatherapy oil or soy wax candles!

There is a very ethereal quality to stephmel's photos, I would even say that they are a bit ghostly. But that is the beauty of photography isn't it? To evoke emotions. One can only imagine how she captures these beautiful images, especially the Painting My Dreams photo above. To capture the right moment, the get the right composition. I really salute great photographers like her. :)

Last but not least, something cute. :) ZooZ Jewelry makes super cute animal pendants and earrings, all made with sterling silver with their own designs and moud. How cute are those little whales? And the weather studs. They even made a shark look incredibly cute! You should definitely check them out for more cute jewelry, they have owls, deers, cats, even dinosaurs!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! You discovered some really talented Greek artists and I am so honored to be featured among them! You did a great job!

Thank you! xxxx

la boom! said...

Wow this is an amazing post!
Thank you so much for including me among those talented greek artists!


Akamatra said...

I love all the abovementioned!!! Great collection of talent, crafts, arts and intelligence. Great job!

blueroompottery said...

Gorgeous post!!
I am so honored to be featured here amongst my friends from the Etsy Greek Street Team (egst). I love everybody's work and love them all!!

Thank you so much, great to be fellow team members of the teamAwsome, you are such a dear!!


Amoronia said...

Fantastic post! You have done such a great job selecting those beauties!

Jiot said...

Really nice work!!! thanks for supporting etsy greek street team!

stephania said...

Wonderful post and collection!
Thank you for featuring my country and including my work among these talented artists!


creationsbyeve said...

fantastic feature of so many talented Greeks!Thanks for sharing!

FishesMakeWishes said...

great post! so many amazing greek artists, it's hard to pick a favorite!

shash ... said...

great feature and greek artists! i love stephmel's works

Ah Yng said...

Beautiful feature this week! I never knew much about modern Greece, so, thank you!

pergamondo said...

So beautiful post! Nice to see you all here!!!
Great job!!! :)

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