Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Month of April

April birth stone : Diamond

Hey, I'm born in the month of April, means people should get me diamond gifts hahahaha! *dreaming* Alright, back to business. Let's conclude March alright? In the beginning of last month, these are the goals that I had set for March.

1. Get to 140 sales.
2. Get to 550 shop hearts.
3. Fill the shop to 195 items.

In which, I achieved...

1. 147 sales. (wut?)
2. 580 hearts. (Yey!)
3. 167 items (Hahahaha <- sad laugh)

In overall, I think I didn't do too bad! o.O I got more sales than I thought I would, and in reflection to that, the amount of items had largely declined in my shop, lol! I already have 3 sales in April, the stats above does not include that 3 sales which added up to 150 sales for me now, yey!

If I try to rationalize, what I did right and different, compared with the past, is that I joined a few treasury teams and became more active in curating treasuries. I curated a whooping 14 treasuries last month! o.O;; That's on average 1 every 2 days, damn. I also hit the FP once last month. Although it didn't directly resulted in any sales, but I got tons of views. :) So, yippee!

Alright, let's set the goals for April shall we?

1. Get to 170 sales.
2. Get to 700 shop hearts.
3. Fill the shop to 180 items.

Although I have a feeling I will be less successful... especially with the amount of shop items part, haha. But we'll see. :) It's been a while since I made anything new for the shop, and I've been itching to do it for a while now! So here's to hoping for a great April!


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