Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ginger the Stray Cat

Wow, a lot had happened today. @_@ The prospect of buying a new house AND taking care of a stray cat for the first time. :) This orange cat had been living on my street for a few years, it always hung around my neighbor's place because they always fed it. Then lately, I realized her ears were crusty.

I have never had a cat before, so I have zero knowledge on what in the world this is. But it looks rather painful and I just had this sudden urge to help it. So I did some researching and asking online, and found out this is mange.

Huey from Nottypooch, who is a great friend of mine and also passionate about helping animals, recommended me to Dr Chan's My Animal Care blog to seek for help. She is such a nice lady, and agreed to sponsor the cat's medical bill and help me care for the cat as best as she can. So after borrowing Dr Chan's cat carrier in the morning, I managed to catch the cat later in the afternoon. Then it is to the vet she goes~

The cat at the vet, preparing for the mange shot. Poor thing is all skin and bones, very malnourished.

She is a very friendly cat, and the vet said that she might have been an abandoned pet since she isn't behaving like a stray. Poor thing. :(

The cat's face. She isn't the cutest I know.

I named the cat Ginger, and am only temporarily fostering her until she completely heals and finds a good owner. Ginger seems to had taken a liking to the cat carrier, so I put some old t-shirts in there to make it comfier for her. My mom hates cats, and she doesn't allow Ginger to enter our house, so she will have to live in my porch for now. This is also the reason why I can't or had never had a cat, even if I wanted to. :(


Pea said...

YAY YAY.. cat to the rescue. hopefully GINGER will get much much better.
maybe ur mom might CHANGE her view (overtime).

Alex Kam said...

Yah I am hoping when she gets prettier and friendlier my mom would let her in the house. XD Well, she'll need to stay for 3-4 weeks with me anyway for the mange shots, so hopefully the cat will grow on my mom :)

jaunebleu said...

Alex, you did a wonderful thing!

I really hope Ginger heals soon. I think her face is perfect :)


jaunebleu said...

Keeping fingers crossed that you mom falls in love with Ginger!

parenting articles said...

aw~ poor thing!Online Parenting Class

CreaShines {Stacey} said...

Awww, look at that sweet face!!

She's so lucky to have found you Alex :D


Yvonne said...

I think she's darling and needs a momma just like you. Even if she's on your porch, it's better than her wandering the streets.

Yvonne ;)

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