Saturday, January 21, 2012

Around the World - Africa - Kiki Weavers

Initially I had wanted to select another country in Africa to feature, but unfortunately, I found out the hard way that African shops are close to non-existence on Etsy. How sad is that? :( But I found a few very meaningful ones that are scattered across Africa, so I'm going to make an exception this time and treat the whole continent of Africa (except South Africa) as a country.

Though let's be clear here and set the facts right, Africa is a continent, not a country. ;)

Our first stop, let's go to Kenya!!

Comprised of a group of women in Kenya, Kiki Weavers is a source of precious income for these women living in poverty, having many children to raise. The baskets are made of water hyacinth, an invasive plant species known for choking waterways. The harvesting of these plants and turning them into baskets is a difficult and time consuming process, but it is also very inspiring to know how much time and effort had been put into each beautiful basket. You can pop on over to their profile page to read more about the individual weavers of the shop as well. Pop on over and check them out. :) They definitely deserve some love!


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