Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wicked Plants Book Review

Just finished this fantastic book over my long Chinese New Year holiday. I must first admit though, I am not a huge book reader myself, with an average of one book a year, hahaha. What can I say, I am a picky reader.

But this book by Amy Stewart - Wicked Plants, is totally right up my alley. Not only was it educational, (for my own safety too!) it was such a fun read! Imagine a pocket-sized encyclopedia written in the style of a witty mystery/thriller, and you get this book. I mean, who could have known that corn if consumed as a main diet, can cause pellagra and it killed hundreds of thousands in the history of mankind? And tobacco being the deadliest plant on earth, having taken millions of lives every year. Not to mention the betel nut native to Malaysia, or more known as buah pinang locally, has intoxicating effects?

The more you know...

Aside from that, the editing of the book has a vintage flair to it, with beautifully suitable illustrations that somehow enhanced the eeriness of the content. The book is just plain gorgeous!

Now I want to get her other book - Wicked Bugs!


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