Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Pendant Shapes and Sizes

I (kind of) unintentionally came upon a new stock of resin lately, and since they (also kind of) has an expiry date, I figured I should utilize them to the fullest and make more (and more!) pendants. And since the pendants are well received, I thought it was about time to expand and provide more options in the collection. :)

A large, round pendant setting. I am loving this one! It has a gorgeous backing with a tree etched in it. This will come in a longer chain, am thinking 30 inch.

A rectangle one that you've probably seen in a failed specimen photo before this. I finally have a successful specimen! And a round version for my existing vintage victorian laced pendant setting.

Of course, I have more planned and experimenting on new things as well, and enjoying it in the process! Will be listing these into the shop over the week. :)


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